Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I don’t blame people for dialing a wrong number. When an itchy to call finger is dancing on tiny-winy buttons of a cell phone… at least 1 one out of 10 digits is likely to go ‘wrong’ :P … But when the timing also goes wrong… it can be horrible or hilarious …depending on your luck ;)

Well… I used to get quite many wrong numbers on my previous number… so I got pretty much used to saying ‘wrong number’ and cut the line… beep beep beep . But this time Mom was the lucky one :D

Trinng trinng…. Trinng trinng…. Trinng trinng

Mom: Hello
Mr dumb: Hi… who is this?
Mom: who are you?
Mr dumb: It’s me
Mom: me who?
Mr dumb: but who are you?
Mom: whom do you wish you speak with?
Mr dumb: Hehehehhehe…. Mr XYZ
Mom: He’s not here
Mr dumb: then where is he?
Mom: I don’t know… this isn’t his number
Mr dumb: then who’s number is this?
Mom: Ours … :/
Mr dumb: But it should be XYZ’s number… anyways… can you give me XYZ’s number?
Mom: I don’t have his number
Mr dumb: why?
Mom: I don’t know him
Mr dumb: why?
Mom: :O
Mr dumb: its oky if you don’t know him… but please give me his number … I have to speak to him about something very important
Mom: I told you… I don’t have his number
Mr dumb: oky…ask someone else they might have his number
Mom: ask who?
Mr dumb: anyone who knows Mr XYZ
Mom: wht? :O … listen you’ve dialed wrong number.. there is no Mr XYZ here.
Mr dumb: hehehhehe…how can a number be wrong?
Mom: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….


‘The number you have dialed, has been switched off. Please try again later :O ………’