Thursday, July 23, 2009

The ‘pain in neck’ Driving classes :/

Yay… I’m ready to rule the world but…


My neck hurts :(

Thanks to all ‘reverse gear’ practice.

Yeah…now since I’m little comfortable with driving straight ahead …my instructor thought he will teach me reverse gear. (me getting chills just at the thought of driving backward )

So escaping our everyday ‘almost empty’ road route, we enter an even more ‘almost empty’ society nearby …

Instructor : take left…now righ …and now stop.

I: err… stop ? now ? (duh! if he is talking some alien language which I don’t understand :P )

Instructor : yes… STOP

I: ummm… oky

Instructor: now put the car in reverse gear and turn around to look back.

I: turn around ? Ain’t I suppose to look at the rareview mirror ?

Instructor: No. It won’t give proper idea of where you’re going

I: ummm… oky. But my seat-belt doesn’t allow me to turn that much.

Instructor: then why are you still wearing it?

I: :O (unbuckled the seat belt)

I: now?

Instructor: now go backward slowly. Do not try to catch speed.

I: I’m still not getting proper idea of ‘where we are going’

Instructor: yes…it’s matter or practice.

I: and my neck hurts

Instructor: yes

I: :O YES? What’d you mean? Isn’t car suppose to be a fun and luxury thing ? :/

Instructor: umm…yes. But not for the driver.

I: :O :O

Instructor: You can hold the side seat with one hand… that will allow you to turn towards back more…and you’re neck might hurt a little less.

I: leave one hand from the wheel??? :O :O :O

(Now this even worse than the ‘pain in neck’. My hands seem to be on some kind of compition like ‘car on my side’. As soon as I take away one hand from the wheel… the other one will start pulling it in the opposite direction. Yeah… that happens for a ‘micro second’ while changing gears also. )

Instructor: now turn left. Not right. Left. I said LEFT.

I: eh… I thought my left :P (remember…I turned around to look ‘back’… and anyway it takes me few seconds to recall which one is left or right… yeah i would try and check ‘which hand has the wrist watch’ ; )

Instructor: We always talk about car’s left and right. Not ours. :/

I: eh… got it.

Insturctor: oky stop and go back to the original spot.

(Me sooooooooo happy that we are going straight…once again Car’s left is my left and right is right :P )

Instructor: stop.

Me: :O Don’t tell me we gonna do that again :(

Instructor: eh…why? We will do that only, today. Hehehe….until your neck hurts real bad :P

Me: :(

Yeah..we actually did it so many times…and now my neck hurts real bad. Grrrrrr… I hate driving even more now.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3D Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

After delying it almost for a week, finally this weekend I got to watch it. I can’t decide if it was the story or the 3D effect that I enjoyed so much…or may be both ;)

They have done great job with 3D effect. In some of the scenes I actually felt as if I’m there….though it was literal pain neck to watch a 3D movie from 2nd raw in the front :/ … but I was so keen on it and didn’t want to take any chance of missing it.

Apart from the 3D effect, the movie itself is such an enjoyable thing. They way they have build up the character of the characters is totally amazing. And this time they’ve made it so much easier to relate their lives with ours :P . Totally loved the puns on modern life and apt choice of songs ;D.

While Sid was funny and cute as always, there wasn’t much attention given to Diago this time, instead got to see the Possum brothers more. Ellie has become so much mature in this part and also seem to have got sense of humour with sweet sarcasm (yeah…sounds weird but can’t find better words to discribe it…if you do… let me know ;) .

Though there are some weak points too… like every other movie. Too much of “Dinosaurs” according to Habby and they also lack the character building part. Scart wasn’t as funny as last two parts…in fact little boring with an ‘almost typical’ love story. But I enjoyed the over all movie and all that I can say is… GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET ;) .

Friday, July 17, 2009


I’m a flightless bird if the car is to wings and ability to drive is to fly :/

It’s been like 1 n half week that i’m just ‘trying’ to learn driving…but still totally pathetic at it. So far as the roads are empty and without any turns or speed-breaker…i can drive fine … but as soon as it comes to dealing with traffic signals or watching out for some jerks trying to overtake my ’snail-speed’ vehicle from wrong side… I get totally panicked and would screw up totally. :/ Probably what I’ve proved myself good at is driving my instructor crazy. :P

Just the thought of that bloody red light makes me all nervous and my heart would start beating fast like attempting a record. Yesterday late evening I went out with Hubby for a driving trial in our own ‘new’ second-hand car…. and … oops! I did it again. My usual red-light screw up. As soon as I tried to make the car move, that creature totally ditched me and stood there dead, denying to get re-started long enough to turn the green arrows in red bulb once again. Damn!! I could imagine… if I was so bugged with my own self … poor chaps blocked behind me would have been so angry. Can not blame them for honking at me so loud :(

While managing to drive smoothly alone seems like a rocket science challenge… I’ve also got to deal with aggressive Delhi / Gurgaon traffic. Everyone on the road seems to be in some kind of “life or death” emergency situation. My desperate honking or deeper lights seem to be totally useless :O… they gonna come in my way anyways.

So while I’m learning to deal with all these… I just wanted to scream out loud…

I hate driving, I hate traffic and I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee traffic signals :/

P.S. have a look at this video… I can so much relate to it rite now :P