Friday, July 17, 2009


I’m a flightless bird if the car is to wings and ability to drive is to fly :/

It’s been like 1 n half week that i’m just ‘trying’ to learn driving…but still totally pathetic at it. So far as the roads are empty and without any turns or speed-breaker…i can drive fine … but as soon as it comes to dealing with traffic signals or watching out for some jerks trying to overtake my ’snail-speed’ vehicle from wrong side… I get totally panicked and would screw up totally. :/ Probably what I’ve proved myself good at is driving my instructor crazy. :P

Just the thought of that bloody red light makes me all nervous and my heart would start beating fast like attempting a record. Yesterday late evening I went out with Hubby for a driving trial in our own ‘new’ second-hand car…. and … oops! I did it again. My usual red-light screw up. As soon as I tried to make the car move, that creature totally ditched me and stood there dead, denying to get re-started long enough to turn the green arrows in red bulb once again. Damn!! I could imagine… if I was so bugged with my own self … poor chaps blocked behind me would have been so angry. Can not blame them for honking at me so loud :(

While managing to drive smoothly alone seems like a rocket science challenge… I’ve also got to deal with aggressive Delhi / Gurgaon traffic. Everyone on the road seems to be in some kind of “life or death” emergency situation. My desperate honking or deeper lights seem to be totally useless :O… they gonna come in my way anyways.

So while I’m learning to deal with all these… I just wanted to scream out loud…

I hate driving, I hate traffic and I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee traffic signals :/

P.S. have a look at this video… I can so much relate to it rite now :P


Smita said...

Aww!! Poor You!!!

I think traffic is the major reason for all your woes. Traffic is such that you are unable to gain confidence.

You know when I had bought my scooty I didn't take it to office for a month because I was scared to handle the traffic but then one morning I woke up & decided enuff is enuff and that was the day when I started using it regularly.

May be u shud forget that u hate driving and go for it ;-)

here i 'm said...

I totally agree. It would have been much easier if i didn't have to deal with the horrible and 'no mercy' traffic. :(
But some how driving Scooty / Acitva wasn't that difficult for me. Even if today I have to drive Acitva in Delhi, i think i can do it. I can feel like a part of it and handle it pretty well...but the same thing isn't happening yet with car :( . I have to consciously remember each every function and drive.

mindspace said...

same feelings here too.. i would see a red light and my foot will go on break already.. i would start slowing down from say 100 meters so that by the time i reach the signal, it would be time for it to turn green and i wont have to stop.. coz putting it on neutral and starting again will definitely cause a dramatic situation most of the times and then ppl behind would either honk or give expressions of 'yet another lady learning to drive on the regular traffic full roads.. HUH' i would either release the clutch too quickly or forget to change the gear.. it seriously looked like a great deal :)

fully understand what u say.. n am totally with u.. i would love to drive at 5 in the morning, on delhi roads though...

here i 'm said...

@ Tara
Yeah me too...seeing Delhi roads empty would be like a dream come true :P