Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last leaf

A dear friend gifted me this poem for this image
The leaf was so lonely
All by it self…no one to share.. Her feelings with
She had known this for long..
No butterflies, no bees, no birds would swarm

Now she thinks the wind is her foe
One who was.. A friend so great
They played.. as so many springs went by
Now when Autumn came, she's afraid to fly..

She remembers her time a life gone by
When the rain made her tears.. of joy
Now the hails hits so hard
And the early dew forms, just the pain of heart

She fears waking early mornings
That this might be the last sun ray fallen on her body
She crinkles crackles in agony
But alas shes alone, no one to share

Share her dreams, her flights of fantasies
No prince charming, no dragons, no fairies
The rude reality for her to face alone
She awaits her destiny, now that is to be alone….

And she awaits again, the last of fall..
And Alas ..The last leaf might just fall..

Thank you :)


Necessary Evil said...

Very nice *and* wordings suites this theme very well... Thanks for sharing :)

Sum said...

Nice post and a nice poem.....
Nice blog infact!

Necessary Evil said...

I have been reading thru some Gujarati forums and I bumped into these lines from Divaben Bhatt - and all that I could think of is this pic - I couldn't abstain from posting here!! ;-)

કોઇ નજરું ઉતારો મારા મનની રે,
મને રણમાં દેખાય લીલુંછમ લીલુંછમ ...

સૂકી ડાળખીએ પાંદડું વળગી રહ્યું,
મને ઝાડવું દેખાય લીલુંછમ લીલુંછમ ...

- દિવાબેન ભટ્ટ

here i 'm said...

@ Necessary evil- sweet :)

Arun Kaushal said...

hey ! very nice photograph .. is it reusable ?!