Monday, June 29, 2009

The Car Hunting :/

Car Hunting
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But nothing ever happens…
..and I wonder.
I wonder how …I wonder why
Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky
And all that I can see…just another lemon tree.”

Well yeah.. this is how I feel when I am stuck or just feeling stuck.
It’s been almost a month that we are hunting for a “good” second-hand car.

GOOD = good condition + good price + not so old+ good company+ good resale value+ good mileage+ good aesthetic appeal

Phewww… long list…isn’t it?
Probably that’s why our mission hasn’t met ‘the end’ yet… And the frustration keeps building up with every ‘failed’ effort. At time we feel like let’s just chuck this and buy a brand new car…but then doesn’t seem like a good idea. I’m yet to learn driving and specially dealing with Delhi/ NCR traffic. The idea is to buy a second-hand car so that I can learn driving without the fear of damaging the car.

Well… I can go on talking about ‘the mission’ forever…but that is not the point.
The point is how you start seeing things differently after passing through certain experiences.

Our (specially my ;) definition and expectation of “good condition car” has changed so much from what it was in the beginning. Also the knowledge and beliefs about cars, their resale value, reputation of certain companies etc. are quite different now. Before this I never really cared for anything about cars, which is totally opposite of my Hubby’s nature who is so much interested in ‘everything’ about cars ;). But this has been quite a learning experience for me. Having just realised the difference between a Maruti zen and a Honda city… I wonder about the lucky people who get to explore beauties like Mercedes or Ferrari…. Or even luckier people who get to design them. It seems like being introduced to a different world … and for the time being I’m loving it ;).

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