Friday, August 14, 2009

Bees Saal baad (After 20 years )

Naah… I’m not talking about old bollywood (suppose to be) horror movie. I’m just talking about me, you and other people around us.

Change is another name of life. We keep changing everyday without even realising. Many people believe that it happens only during the time when you change from a kid to adult but actually the process continues even after that with the same speed… just that it’s not so visible most of the times.

I realised (once again ) how much I have changed since school times…and started wondering that most of the other people around me have become totally changed persons during this time, too.

*Papa has changed drastically from being a short tempered tensed person to a mature and tension free happy person.

*My brother has become a tall, strong and independent person, started eating (and enjoying) all green vegetables, who as a kid used to be very thin and shy guy and wouldn’t eat anything but sweets ;)

*Mom has become stronger and wiser everyday and less scared of banks / ATMs :P

*One of my uncle has become more of a smart person and learnt to say ‘NO’ from being a totally ‘sidha-sada’ kind.

*My cousin is living and studying in Australia who used to be scared of travelling alone from home to school, at one point of time.

Ah… I shouldn’t start believing that everyone changes for good only becoz…

*Someone else whom I’d always known as a mature and sane person, has become almost insane :/

*Someone who used to be a very wise and thoughtful person, has become a total jerk.

*Someone who used to be ‘everyone’s well wisher’ has turned into a totally business minded cone.

*Someone who used to be a very intelligent kid, has become a stupid looking introvert.

( now you know that I’m not gonna name them anyways ;)

Some of the people have changed so drastically that no one would believe their past if they haven’t witnessed it themselves…. while some people changed without loosing some strong bits of their original character.

Oh btw… I also know a few guys/gals who used to b**ches and bas***erds , and even alfter all these years of good / bad experience they are still the same :/. Even God might have given up on “trying” to teach them lessons. At least I’ve totally given up on the hope that they’ll ever learn…though few years ago I was bit hopeful.

So what is the point I’m tring to make ?

Nothing actually. I’m just sharing my observations with you and hopeing to here some interesting observation / opinion of yours on the topic ;)

Have a great (long) weekend everyone :)


Sanat said...

Good observations ...

keep writing ..
a well wisher

Anurag said...

Really random thoughts. Happens to me sometimes!

Yeah, even in my life lots of people have changed, I have changed. Mostly for the good, but sometimes its subjective; depends on the viewpoint from which you look at it.

Smita said...

hmmmmm party of life but I really laughed out loud at the last observation about never changing b***ches and b---ards :D

You know it is all about circumstances which make or break a person some change for good and some for bad but as u said it is all life :)

here i 'm said...

@ Smita
Yup... life makes you and breaks you.
All part and parcel of the journey

Vicky said...

hey,I didnt know about this blog until I opened your LinkedIn profile :)

about this post : I hope I am not one of your "jerk" or "insane" or "stupid looking introvert" !

જો કે સ્ટુપિડ લૂકીંગ ઈન્ટ્રોવર્ટ જો હું હોઊં તો સારું...કેમ કે એને "Someone who used to be a very intelligent kid " કહેવામાં આવ્યો છે ! :) :)

keep posting...cause u got a regular reader now !