Sunday, July 1, 2007

*Conditions apply

Yesterday…. I was watching “Umaraojaan”. Found it jus an average movie… but costumes and jewelries were fantastic. ;)

Yeah… its weird… once get into a profession… everywhere you are jus bind to see things with a professional attitude….. now I can’t enjoy any movie / serial / song like a normal person … the attention automatically goes on clothes and accessories. :D

Well… talking about “umaraojaan” …. Suddenly I started wondering about Ash-Abhi’s real life… (Not my fault dear…. Their acting wasn’t good enough to make me forget about other side subjects ;) … Before their marriage there was this BIG time discussion going on everywhere… “I think Abhi should marry Rani … they look cute together” …. “Well in my opinion .. Priyanka Chopra is best for him” … “ Oh no… what is he doing with his life? …she is not rite for him at all : (“ …. “ I can’t believe Ash is getting married to Abhi “ ….. “Abhi is not rite for Ash” …………. Oooooooooooh
N soooooooo many other things…. But how does it make any difference? … even if you are rite and things SHOULD’VE been the way you think…. It can’t change the fact…. Rite?

Life is quite moody… she doesn’t listen to these “should be” conditions… she jus goes the way she wants to ;)
And btw… who are we to make any comments abt Ash or Abhi’s life? …”THEIR FANS”-who made them….. hummm… I guess that’s a part of becoming a celebrity… everyone thinks that they have a right to say something about your life. :D

Gosh… can’t even imagine how irritating it would be… everyone discussing abt your personal life. :O … or may be they just enjoy that attention!!!! … ummm .. I don’t know… but I guess they don’t even have any other option apart from just ignoring all that…. Conditions for being a * (star).. ;)


Sameer said...

Well, as a human being , and may be due to the intellect we are granted from Almighty , we always want to have a say in things that are popular, or that will make people feel attentive towards everyone wants to have a word in Abhi-Ash or any oter general topic , be it Sivaji , cheeni Kum or much discussed KANK script.

Khair , as far as conditions for being celebrity are concerned. Celebrity are the people , who stand aprt from the masses. they have something that others dont ,be it Sachin , Be it Rahul Gandhi or Hrithik Roshan. So, they are entitled to have people's attention , love as well as Hatred. and they are the one who chose to be let them have all the attention for good or for bad.

Stay Happy !

Sameer said...
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Cinderella said...

yaar there is a mazaa in talking about the life of celebrities, after all we are the one, who have granted them this stature... but of course, all of us know, it never creates any difference... so don't trouble yourself much and enjoy.. keeping them in news... as much as they enjoy being in it :)

Adnan said...

I usually don't believe on the philosophy that we(fans) make stars* so thats why we have every right to say anything about their career,social & personal life.

What i believe in we don't make *stars* they make us(fans) because we are the one who get inspired from them.Take a scenario if any actor/actress doesn't has anything remarkable regarding their personality, style or acting we just say ooo gosh they are pathetic they don't even know how to perform or act & we just drop them from our favorites list so why don't we make them *stars*, why dont we keep our faith on them, why dont we give them a chance because we dont want to be a fan of a looser.

Anyways i usually don't get involved in such topics :)but yes i love to tell you that you just made a fan.I am really inspired by your blog the way you say things its very cute & awesome.


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