Sunday, July 8, 2007

Don't read... its just all crap

State of mind: “confused”
Mood: Extremely bad
Desire: To run away
Temperature: High
Type of thoughts: All negative
Hope: 0
Future: Blur
Expected result: Blast
Answer to any
Damn question:
“I don’t know”

Well… not a new thing for me… but could never understand … why it happens?? Not only me… many of my frndz also face this at times. And I find it very easy to tell them that…
“jus relax… everything will be alrite… jus let this phase pass… n u will be laughing on urself for these foolish thoughts.” … coz that’s the fact.
But alas... when it happens to myself… I jus forget my lines… :/

I wonder if … “being confused” … can be really considered as a PROBLEM? … I mean… for example… financial crisis, illness, loosing a job, having too many responsibilities, a mean boss or a fight with bf/gf are “obviously” considered as problems… but what about the “confusion”…… huh… confused.

When my mind clearly knows that “something” is ALMOST impossible… and even if it was possible… its just a crazy idea… then why the hell my heart would still want it to happen????? STUPID

When I already know… that I can’t do anything in the present situation… and will HAVE TO just go with the flow… why I would still think about silly questions like “why” and “what”????

When I also believe that whatever is happening is good for me (PRACTICALLY THINKING) … why I would still wish to do something which won’t be good for me????

When there is no visible problem around me… why I am still not happy?

Why I would ask only for what I can’t get… instead of valuing what I’ve already got????

When I’ve already told myself that “I am going to live my life my way… don’t care about what other people think” … Why am I still thinking about others???

Why my life is not only my own?

When I have all the freedom to make my own decisions … and I know what I want to decide… Why I would still consider other people’s opinion and get confused???

How can anyone else be more important in my life than me???

And my favorite answer to all these …
“I DON’T KNOW” … just want to sleep for a while… watch TV … and just forget it.


Cinderella said...

hi.. i understand, your problem.. i think this sort of confusion is often faced by people, who are always in search of something different. It is always difficult to search this 'difference'; and to convince yourself and others to accept this difference is even more difficult..

but then, its life.. let it come and surprise you with whatever it has.. and lemme tell you, once you become immune to these surprises, this life really surrenders before you.. so.. chill... repeat ur fav answer "i don't know"... watch TV... and take a nap... life is still under control :)

here i 'm said...

Thank you so much sweetheart :)